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Opinum is an impact driven company helping accelerate decarbonization. Opinum walked the words by promoting CO2 friendly way of working: plane travel is banned, home working and car sharing is encouraged. The company only accepts projects with a positive impact on the planet & the people.

The company was founded in 2015 in Belgium. They started by using their software to monitor solar production and quickly evolved into a centralized platform for all data managed by Water, Power & Gas Utilities and Distribution Companies (DSO). They operate their business internationally both in Europe and in the USA with customers like Total, Enedis, EDF, etc.

With the electrification of the world (EV, PV, etc.) and the switch from centralized power production to decentralized power generation (solar, wind, etc.), data are booming. In order to better manage energy infrastructures and improve energy efficiency, energy & water distribution companies & energy suppliers have to manage more and more data coming from various siloed sources (smart meters, SCADA, IoT, GIS, etc.). With the Data Hub (the product of Opinum) they can better leverage data and optimize their processes.

The team is composed of software engineers, designer, product managers, sales & marketing people. They grow from 4 people in 20+ in a few years and get bought by Itineris in November 2021. The company still operate as an independant company within the Itineris group.

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The Sustainable Development Goals

Opinum has been created to help fight climate change. With its digital solution, Opinum contributes to 4 UN sustainable goals: Clean water & sanitation, affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities and climate action.
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Key Activities

Opinum key activity is software development. The main part of the team is composed of software engineers, UX designer, tester and product manager. As a commercial company, sales and marketing of the product is also key.

Value proposition

Data Hub platform for energy & environmental actors with a focus on scalability, extensibility, flexibility and security. The platform improve time-to-market, cost and risks for data oriented solutions in the energy & environmental sector. Opinum also proposes a marketplace to easily expose algorithms from third party data science companies sold as a "pay per use" model.

Customer segments

Opinum targets Power, Gas, Heat and Water distribution system operators, Power & Gas Utilities and energy services companies.

Cost structure

The main cost of the company is the people. Infrastructure cost is also important to run the SaaS model

Revenue streams

Opinum get revenue from its SaaS license model and Marketplace as well as from professional services & support fees.

Key Partners

Opinum partners with key System Integrators active in the energy business on an international level. Through its marketplace initiative, Opinum also partners with data science companies providing algorithms for the energy & environmental sector.

Key Resources

People, people, people.

Customer relationships

Opinum is a industrial SaaS solution provider and look for long term relationship with customers.


A a SaaS operator, Opinum use mainly internet as a sale channel. Although, Opinum partners also with System Integrator to distribute its product.

Negative externalities

Digital technologies account for up to 3% of global green gas emissions. It's important to monitor the third scope of green gas emissions to make sure the company keeps that into control and that its positive externalities provide more reduction effect that the negative ones. As a software company, travel is also part of daily routine which generate also green gas emissions. To mitigate the impact, Opinum is promoting home working for collaborator and, when needed, use train as the primary way to travel. Planes are banned.

Positive externalities

Opinum Data Hub is used by large companies to help cities to better consume energy, to improve efficiencies of renewable production and decrease the dependency of the society to fossil fuel.